Wednesday, September 9, 2015

WeTech Event Bangalore

Date: 19th - 26th July, 2014

Women Enhancing Technology (WeTech) is a consortium of dedicated partners that has joined IIE to design and support a series of innovative activities to provide training, build networks and offer professional opportunities. Mozilla is partnering with WeTech to help and support their nobel initiative to train more women in technology.

The day began with all excitement. It was a small crowd, but very enthusiastic and awesome crowd of the young ladies gather in the conference room. The day started with an introduction of Mozilla and letting the attendees know about an Open Source. Everyone was curious to know about the different projects into Mozilla.

Later, we started demonstrating the WebMaker project and its different tools. We also had made remixes from the young ladies sitting there. Every attendee has made some or the remxes using thimble or pop-corn maker tool. It was excited as they were learning the power of open web.

After that, we also demonstrated about the OWASP project. It was really an awesome environment where everyone seems very interested to know and learn something new.

MozConnect 2015

Date: 20th March, 2015
Speakers:  Faisal, Soumya, Sayak, Chandrakant, Sara

Hi Folks !

MozConnect 2015 is an annual event to collaborate in central India region with the clear ambition to unite and build a better community. This time we have many attendees who got the chance to be a part of annual event MozConnect 2015 at IIST, Indore. Here we had many speakers who represented different projects of Mozilla.

It was a two day event. The  first day of event started with session by Faisal Aziz who gave a talked on Mozilla Introduction and its Mission, Contribution and Products. Sayak talked about the Privacy and Firefox Mobile OS. Soumya talked about the Different Areas of Contribution and Bugzilla. I gave the  presentation on WoMoz.  Chandrakant talked about what is localization how we can contribute to it.

After that volunteers arranged Multiple booths for FFOS , Localization, Womoz, FSA, Webmaker and Sumo. After that we took our lunch and proceed for the Hands on session on Localization and Mobile Apps. 

Soumya and Sayak started the session on app making and developing. On the other side Chandrakant and Faisal took session on Localization. And we were helping students to follow the links and the right way to do the contributions.

The next day of the event we had a community meetup Madhya Pradesh where almost all the contributors from community was a part of this meet . We had a discussion on the road-maps of the MP community and how to engage and recruit more contributors into the community.


WebMaker Field Research Survey

Date: 15 Jan, 2015.
Members: Laura De Reynal and Gautham Raj

Hello Folks,

The Mozilla WebMaker Field Research Survey was organized by Mozilla Foundation which was held in Bhiwandi.

The survey was done at three places namely,

  1. K.M.E.S School and Jr College for the students
  2. G.M.Momin Women’s College
  3. Business Owner

In the school, Laura and Gauthm Raj proceeded with the survey and asks many questions related to web and what’s their perception on web. I was involve in taking a Mozilla session  for the rest of the students, since the school teachers had arranged a lot of students for the survey and we require only few. So, I let the rest of students know the history of Mozilla and how Mozilla came into existence and also, the power of open web. It was really fun with the students to let them know about open source.
Thus, we ran a parallel session where Laura and Gautham conducted the survey and I took a session on Mozilla.
Later, we went to the college for the survey for the non-tech IT staff. In the survey,we had a discussion with the staff related to web. What they thinks and how they use the web. Whether they feel it more comfortable using the net on desktop or on the mobile. We  had a good discussion with  the staff. Later we met the college principal and went for a lunch arrange by them.
It was really a good experience and fun loving to get actually the students and the teachers view.

Now, it was the time to meet a business owner. So we went to meet them in a hotel.
Laura started with the conversation with the business man. The owner of the business “Mr. Aamir Khan and “Iqram Khan”, let us know they are handling the power loom mills in Bhiwandi. They told us about the whole procedure and how a cloth is being made from  single yarn thread. In the discussion, we also asked them many web related questions and how they can use the web in their business.
It was fun asking and taking notes with them, since the owner of the business didn’t understand English and Laura didn’t understand Hindi language. So, I was also playing the role of a translator and in between was asking questions too. Later, the owner of the business took us to their mill and shown us how a cloth is made. It was a fantastic experience of seeing the long machines in mill and seeing the process of cloth making.

The survey was really a fun loving experience where it let us know the actual thoughts of the public.

Mozilla L10n Meetup

Date:  5th and 6th Feb, 2015
Speakers: Arky, Jeff Betty and Axel

Hello Fellas,

This is my another post of sharing my experience with you all during the L10n meetup in Pune.
It was held in Red Hat Office, Magarpatta City Pune.
The meetup was of two days.
The first day started with an introduction of all the localizers present into the room with Arky, Axel and Jeff. Later Jeff and Axel proceeded with the meetup according the agenda shared.
There was a detail discussion on product road maps and updates. They let us know about shift in schedule for Firefox 38 release. Also, all the localize translation should be completed and up to date before the deadline date. Since, the strings will be frozen before 2 weeks.

They also let us know about Firefox OS 1.4 launches in India for Hindi, Bengali and Tamil.
Later we had a great discussion on communication of timelines like - what is working, what is not and how we can support up to date Indic locale regularly.
After the post lunch, we the Urdu locale team had a brief discussion with Arky and Jeff on the RTL related issues. We had the discussion on rendering issue which is present at the core level. It was a good discussion since we came to know about all possible alternatives and what to do for the same.

Later, we again gather together to discuss together the locale usage statics of the localized products. Also, we had a discussion on  the usage of localized software in India. How we can promote and let the public know that the software is also available in their regional language.
The first day ends with lots of fun and sharing of updates with each other.

The next day started with the discussion of five basic criteria like –
For each individual locale what will be the Team priorities?
What’s their role in  Leadership and succession?
How the  Project will be Sustainable?
How will you  recruit new localizer and give them recognition?

After having a brief discussion on the above criteria, the day two ends.

It was an awesome experience to seat under one roof and have a detail discussion related to the localization stuff.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Introduction to Mozilla @KGCE

Hello Fellas,

This is my intense pleasure to share my experience with you all for the very first event on Open Source in Karjat at Konkan Gyanpeeth College of Engineering(KGCE).This was a very successful event where we found the students enthusiasm about the FOSS world. They were also passionate and eager to meet, make and learn.

There was a huge strength of attendees for the event along with the college professors.

Date:  9th August,2014
Venue: Konkan Gyanpeeth College of Engineering(KGCE)
Speakers: Sara Khan, Faisal Aziz, Akshat Kedia, Manish
The event started with a warm welcome and introduction to all speakers.

After that the dais was taken by our speaker Mr. Akshat Kedia and Mr. Manish, where they made the attendees familiar with the actual "story about mozilla firefox". They proceeded the session with the different "mozilla products" and its "goals and mission".It was really an interactive session where the attendees were eager and passionate by raising there queries.

We were also distributing the swags in between to keep the interest of the attendees.

Next the dais was taken by Mr. Faisal Aziz. He carry forward the session with "Localization".
He made the fellas familair with different ways of getting into L10n.
The attendees were very enthusiastic in learning. It was also an awesome session were the attendees leran alot.
He also explained about the mozilla privacy setting and light beam technique.

Later comes the chance to my favorite topic..yes.."WoMoz". This session was taken by me(Sara Khan). I make the attendees specially to our WoMoz seating around by letting them know there particiaption into WoMoz. We got a great response from the WoMoz seating around.

Later we all in colloboration explained the attendees how they can get involved using "Firefox Student Ambassador Programme".

Last but not the least we all explain about the "Firefox OS" features to the attendees. It was fun and enthusiastic demonstrating to them.

At the end we have distributed swags among the attendees.It was totally a fun..!!

Photos Link:

Monday, June 16, 2014

Indic FirefoxOS L10n Sprint 2014

Hello Folks,

I am very thrilled to share my experience of attending the "Indic Firefox OS L10n Sprint", which was held on  7th - 8th June,2014 at "Red Hat Software Services Pvt. Ltd".

The team of 13 different languages - Assamese, Bengali-India, Gujarati, Kannada, Hindi, Maithili, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu were gathered together with their teams, to complete the translation and test their language feasibility on Firefox OS reference devices.

This was a wonderful experience where three mozillian staff also join Arky, Delphine Lebedel, Peiying Mo to provide the guidance and support to different teams. Also, this event would not have reach its remark-ability without Rajesh and Ani support.

The first day of event started after the registration of all participants.
All the participants gave a brief intro about themselves.  
It was followed by Arky and Delphine with an "Introduction to Firefox OS Road Plan".
Later, Rajesh demonstrated some idea "about glossary,Terminology, Style Guide of Fuel' which was crucial for good language translation.

After post-lunch, there were two parallel session running- one was Localization Sprint and another one for QA testing. Some of the languages done with 100% translation and they started with QA testing round.

Next day also, team was in great enthusiasm to complete their translation and some were busy in QA testing. Also, Delphine gave the Flame devices to 13 different team leads for QA testing.
Later, we had a  Round Table Discussion for "Firefox OS L10n Challenges and Opportunities".
Also, at the end feedback from the participants were collected.
                                                          "Urdu L10n Team"
Some of the languages like Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Maithili, Punjabi, Tamil teams completed with 100% translations and rest of the languages are near of completion.
I wish we will complete our goal asap and  our collaborative efforts will put an example for global community that how we can achieve the goals with learning and sharing with each other by bringing together an awesome L10n Family.
                                                                    "L10n Team"

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mozilla Mumbai Community Meetup

Hello Fellas,

We had the first Mozilla Mumbai Community Meetup on 30th March,2014 at CCD Powai.
The passionate mozillians had gathered to share their ideas and brainstorm to build some future action plans to grow the community.

The meetup start at 12:00 noon and during the meetup we discussed about the core areas where the community needs to focus-

1. Different Issues -

- We need to conduct some lucrative events targeting different regions of Mumbai.
- Spread the word about mozilla community by creating different FSA group.
- Online Meetup needs to keep to have the updates about community.
- Physical meetup need to kept after one months.
- Learn from GDG and can take help from them and share the thoughts.
- Feedback loop and getting back to interested one is important.
- Swag at times for the mozillians can create problem,so for the same have an explicit request before time.
- As Mozilla is changing vendors for swags and big swags can have issues with customs.

2. How to Grow the Community?

- Create a form for FSA  and invite them for the events. In the form include the points like interested in which projects( Firefox OS, Localization, Webmaker, SuMo, FSA, WoMoz etc). When we will receive the feedback from the

interested one, we can redirect them to concerned irc channel links. From there, they can get a brief idea about the project and also a start up for it.
- Involve the developers and see their progress in leaderboards - Doc Sprint, Bug Fixing.
- Special interest group should redirect to correct concerned person.
- Currently, focus is on Firefox can keep Apps Day,MozBooth ,Localization Sprint of events.

3. What are the Future plans ?

- We have targeted some colleges as Atharva College of Engineering, K.J.Somaya, Father Agnel … to keep the future events.
- To "distribute the netowrk around the city" - keep introduction about Mozilla in the respective colleges.
- While organizing any event, pre-check the location, WiFi access and so on.
- Monthly meetup should be conducted either physical or online.
- Creating an etherpad for contacts for colleges - their number and email.
- Forward the link for the Final year projects - Mozilla Student Projects. - Yoric
- While organizing an event, give an introduction for FSA and create the respective group.
- Target to have Bug Sqashing, MozBootCamp, Apps Day week in IITB in next semester.
- Also discuss about the MozBird_MakerParty event which needs to organize in next month.
- Plan to keep some Hive Pop-up event in future.