Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mozilla Mumbai Community Meetup

Hello Fellas,

We had the first Mozilla Mumbai Community Meetup on 30th March,2014 at CCD Powai.
The passionate mozillians had gathered to share their ideas and brainstorm to build some future action plans to grow the community.

The meetup start at 12:00 noon and during the meetup we discussed about the core areas where the community needs to focus-

1. Different Issues -

- We need to conduct some lucrative events targeting different regions of Mumbai.
- Spread the word about mozilla community by creating different FSA group.
- Online Meetup needs to keep to have the updates about community.
- Physical meetup need to kept after one months.
- Learn from GDG and can take help from them and share the thoughts.
- Feedback loop and getting back to interested one is important.
- Swag at times for the mozillians can create problem,so for the same have an explicit request before time.
- As Mozilla is changing vendors for swags and big swags can have issues with customs.

2. How to Grow the Community?

- Create a form for FSA  and invite them for the events. In the form include the points like interested in which projects( Firefox OS, Localization, Webmaker, SuMo, FSA, WoMoz etc). When we will receive the feedback from the

interested one, we can redirect them to concerned irc channel links. From there, they can get a brief idea about the project and also a start up for it.
- Involve the developers and see their progress in leaderboards - Doc Sprint, Bug Fixing.
- Special interest group should redirect to correct concerned person.
- Currently, focus is on Firefox can keep Apps Day,MozBooth ,Localization Sprint of events.

3. What are the Future plans ?

- We have targeted some colleges as Atharva College of Engineering, K.J.Somaya, Father Agnel … to keep the future events.
- To "distribute the netowrk around the city" - keep introduction about Mozilla in the respective colleges.
- While organizing any event, pre-check the location, WiFi access and so on.
- Monthly meetup should be conducted either physical or online.
- Creating an etherpad for contacts for colleges - their number and email.
- Forward the link for the Final year projects - Mozilla Student Projects. - Yoric
- While organizing an event, give an introduction for FSA and create the respective group.
- Target to have Bug Sqashing, MozBootCamp, Apps Day week in IITB in next semester.
- Also discuss about the MozBird_MakerParty event which needs to organize in next month.
- Plan to keep some Hive Pop-up event in future.

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