Wednesday, January 29, 2014

MozMaker Mumbai

Hello Folks,

This is my immense pleasure to share my experience of another Mozilla's MozMaker_Mumbai event.It was schedule on 25th January,2014 in 'Xavier Institute of Engineering College',Mumbai. The event were plan in a very short span of time and were followed and finished with good flying colors.

The event flow was awesome as their were mostly first year engineering students who want to learn creation of webpages.They were not much familiar with the web languages.And this was really wonderful, teaching them through webmaker tool i.e. thimble.

The event started around 10:00 am by letting the students know about history of Mozilla and what exactly Mozilla is? followed by Mozilla global community and its different projects.I let the attendees to know the different platforms were they can contribute based on their interest and passion.
I gave a small introduction on localization, Firefox OS,SuMo,apps creation,FSA programme and many more.As i finished with the brief history of Mozilla, i started with my favourite topic of teaching them about webmaker tools.

I let the attendees know about web literacy and the power of open web through webmaker project.
I taught them about all the three webmaker tools(X-ray goggles,thimble and pop-corn maker).
Firstly, i started with X-ray goggles and explain how they can customize and remix any webpage.How they can create any funny remixes and publish it on web.

Further,i gone through the thimble tool and let them know who them can remix and create any webpage.As the students was mostly from first year,and unfamiliar with html and css,so i started with very basic of it in creation of webpage.I loved them teaching as they were also very enthusiastic and eager to learn. The interest of the students gives me more pleasure in teaching them through innovative way.I also shown them the demo,how they can remix any webpage.

After we create the web-page ..i came upon on 'pop-corn maker' tool.The student were very interested in learning the creation of video.I explain how they can create and remix any video,audio or images into cool mash-ups and can embed into other websites. was very enchanting in teaching them as there were collaborative learning going on.
As,i finished with webmaker project..there comes the chance of another session ...yes fellas..'WoMOz Project'

At the end,i started with 'WoMoz Session'..The girls were very eager and curious to know about Women's in Mozilla.I gave them the example of 'Mitchell Baker' and very famous personalities from India also.They were curious to know more and it went on fly letting them familiar about WoMOz project.I explain about the different channels of communication,where they can get contacted and know much more in brief.

Later i also told them about website,where they can learn and explore much.i also let them know about different tutorials available on site.

As the session was just about  to end,when a mozillian from Mumbai reach 'Mr. Akshat'..He than took over a small demo and shown some mozilla's video.

Overall it was a great experience of conducting the very first Mozilla event in this college. I also have words with them, and they are also interested in keeping some further session on apps creation and hackathon.

Love you Mozilla..!!!