Tuesday, July 10, 2012



Date :07/07/12
Time : 10 a.m.
Venue : Qwerty Lab of AIMS
Speakers: Faisal Aziz , Sayak Sarkar ,Ankit Gadgil , Saurabh Shah,   Soumya Deb,Rajesh Ranjan and Aman Sir.

The event had started with a great fun and enjoyment. Everyone was enthusiastic to participate and coordinate. The team members made the logo for mozilla with an Indian traditional rangoli colour. This really shows the interest and eagerness for the people to contribute their effort in moz community.

The event starts with great rush by an "Introduction To Speakers" by me. There were nearly 80 -100 participants. Firstly, the speaker Sayak Sarkar takes the session on "Summer Code Party". He made the attendees familiar with X-ray goggles,thimbe and popcorn. It creates an interest and awareness among the people to put their effort.

Nextly, the session was taken by Faisal Aziz on ''Rock on Firefox". He explains to the audience about different features of Firefox such as add ons, plug-in checker, personas,private browsing facility,awesomebar and so on. This creates an impact to gain the interest of attendees.

Further more,the dias was taken by Rajesh Rajan and Aman Sir..They focused to the "Urdu localization". They explain how to set your machine into regional language.They expalin about the pootle and bugzilla.

In mean while,after every session their was a small quiz question with the audience to create the interactivity and make the session fruitful.

After that,the dias was taken by Ankit Gadgil who takes an "Introduction to FOSS and Mozilla".He made the audience familiar with the free and open source s/w. He also describes the history of mozilla and attendees enjoyed this session.

Next we had a "hand-on session for localization". Rajesh Rajan and Aman Sir beautifully explain how can we contribute to urdu localization. They made the participants to convert some strings into urdu. They also expalin about the Pottle tools.We also got the team for Urdu localization.

After that we had a "Fennec" session by Soumya Deb. He made the audience familiar with fennac browser for android.It gains the audience interest.

Next we had a "hand-on session for Summer Code Party" by Sayak Sarkar and Faisal Aziz. They made the attendees familiar with webmaker tools. Participants learns about X-ray goggles,thimble and popcorn. They also makes the remixes and their was a competition for the one who made the best remix. The winner is awarded with t-shirts and other swags.

Next we had a session on "Joomla" by Saurabh Shah. He made the attendees to install and configure joomla on their systems. He also explain how one can create a blog or site within few minutes. Participants enjoyed the session.

Next we had a "Quiz contest" for all the participants by Farhanaaz,Elizabeth and me. Again the winner in the quiz contest is awarded with swags.

Lastly we had a session on "Get Involved in Mozilla" by Faisal Aziz,who explain how one can get involved into mozilla and be a part of this global community..

At the end, everyone was enthusiastic and had a spirit to be a part of mozilla community and its mission.