Friday, July 6, 2012

MozFestPune (AIMS) [Meetups]

Date :30/06/12
Time : 11a.m.
Venue : Conference hall of AIMS
Members : [ReMo]
                  Faisal Aziz , Sayak Sarkar ,Ankit Gadgil , Saurabh Shah
                  Sara Khan, Elizabeth Scaria,Farhanaaz Pagdiwale,Rizwan Khan
                  Tanweer Syed

Discussion :

 We had a nice discussion with all the members involved specially with the Remo's.
 Mr. Sayak Sarkar shows us how we can contribute into the localization using the Mozilla Verbatim. During the discussion, he explain that Verbatim is a web localization tool for Mozilla projects. He also gives a demo showing that how we can convert any language into regional language. He also discussed with us that how he localized the text into Bengali.

Mr. Saurabh Shah discussed with the open source cms joomla. How one can built a site using this..
He also share that we must have a knowledge in php,html and css.

Mr. Faisal Aziz contribute into the conversation with joomla, mozilla and firefox. He also discussed the detail description of firefox in enhancing our knowlegde.

Also Mr. Ankit Gadgil participated into the conversation.

We also have a discussion on fennec which is an upcomping mobile browser for Android.Also, we had a discussion on X-ray googles and thimble related to summer code party. 

Thus, till the end of the meetup all tasks and responsibilty has been assigned to each and every individual.

1.Introduction to FOSS and Mozilla-Ankit Gadgil
2.Rock with FireFox.-Faisal Aziz
3.Joomla- An introduction to new generation CMS.-Saurabh Shah(Hand On)Xamp/wamp
4Mozilla Summer Code Party- Sayak Sarkar
5.Mozilla Localization We want  Urdu Firefox.-Rajesh Ranjan
6.Fennec --Soumya Deb
Also the needed requirements has been noted down.
Thus, these meetup with all the ReMo's gives an instant pleasure to learn and contribute our efforts and skills into the mozilla community.

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