Friday, July 6, 2012

Final Meetup before Event

Date :06/07/12

Time : 10 a.m.

Venue : Research room of AIMS

Members : Faisal Aziz [ReMo]
                  [MSR] Sara Khan, Elizabeth Scaria,Farhanaaz Pagdiwale,Rizwan Khan
                  and all the Volunteers         
Discussion :

 As after the previous meetup task and responsibility has been assigned to each and every individual who contribute to mozilla. But before the event, a final discussion with all the MSR and volunteers is being conducted by Mr. Faisal Aziz (Remo,Pune).

He once again check whether work assigned is being followed according to the time schedule. He gives an overview to mozilla firefox, localization and summer code party to all the MSR's and volunteers.

During the discussion, he gives
  • the summary for mozilla and firfox.  
  • explain alpha and beta edition of firefox.
  • describes the X-ray googles,thimbles and popcorn.
  • gives a desription to an open source s/w ie latex.
  • describes fennec for android
  • also made us familiar with the hackjam.
  • also shows us the setting for localization in Windows Xp.
Thus,after the final meetup every one is ready with their final task and responsibilty assigned.
I am very glad to put my effort and be a part of this community.