Wednesday, September 9, 2015

MozConnect 2015

Date: 20th March, 2015
Speakers:  Faisal, Soumya, Sayak, Chandrakant, Sara

Hi Folks !

MozConnect 2015 is an annual event to collaborate in central India region with the clear ambition to unite and build a better community. This time we have many attendees who got the chance to be a part of annual event MozConnect 2015 at IIST, Indore. Here we had many speakers who represented different projects of Mozilla.

It was a two day event. The  first day of event started with session by Faisal Aziz who gave a talked on Mozilla Introduction and its Mission, Contribution and Products. Sayak talked about the Privacy and Firefox Mobile OS. Soumya talked about the Different Areas of Contribution and Bugzilla. I gave the  presentation on WoMoz.  Chandrakant talked about what is localization how we can contribute to it.

After that volunteers arranged Multiple booths for FFOS , Localization, Womoz, FSA, Webmaker and Sumo. After that we took our lunch and proceed for the Hands on session on Localization and Mobile Apps. 

Soumya and Sayak started the session on app making and developing. On the other side Chandrakant and Faisal took session on Localization. And we were helping students to follow the links and the right way to do the contributions.

The next day of the event we had a community meetup Madhya Pradesh where almost all the contributors from community was a part of this meet . We had a discussion on the road-maps of the MP community and how to engage and recruit more contributors into the community.


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