Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mozilla L10n Meetup

Date:  5th and 6th Feb, 2015
Speakers: Arky, Jeff Betty and Axel

Hello Fellas,

This is my another post of sharing my experience with you all during the L10n meetup in Pune.
It was held in Red Hat Office, Magarpatta City Pune.
The meetup was of two days.
The first day started with an introduction of all the localizers present into the room with Arky, Axel and Jeff. Later Jeff and Axel proceeded with the meetup according the agenda shared.
There was a detail discussion on product road maps and updates. They let us know about shift in schedule for Firefox 38 release. Also, all the localize translation should be completed and up to date before the deadline date. Since, the strings will be frozen before 2 weeks.

They also let us know about Firefox OS 1.4 launches in India for Hindi, Bengali and Tamil.
Later we had a great discussion on communication of timelines like - what is working, what is not and how we can support up to date Indic locale regularly.
After the post lunch, we the Urdu locale team had a brief discussion with Arky and Jeff on the RTL related issues. We had the discussion on rendering issue which is present at the core level. It was a good discussion since we came to know about all possible alternatives and what to do for the same.

Later, we again gather together to discuss together the locale usage statics of the localized products. Also, we had a discussion on  the usage of localized software in India. How we can promote and let the public know that the software is also available in their regional language.
The first day ends with lots of fun and sharing of updates with each other.

The next day started with the discussion of five basic criteria like –
For each individual locale what will be the Team priorities?
What’s their role in  Leadership and succession?
How the  Project will be Sustainable?
How will you  recruit new localizer and give them recognition?

After having a brief discussion on the above criteria, the day two ends.

It was an awesome experience to seat under one roof and have a detail discussion related to the localization stuff.

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