Wednesday, September 9, 2015

WebMaker Field Research Survey

Date: 15 Jan, 2015.
Members: Laura De Reynal and Gautham Raj

Hello Folks,

The Mozilla WebMaker Field Research Survey was organized by Mozilla Foundation which was held in Bhiwandi.

The survey was done at three places namely,

  1. K.M.E.S School and Jr College for the students
  2. G.M.Momin Women’s College
  3. Business Owner

In the school, Laura and Gauthm Raj proceeded with the survey and asks many questions related to web and what’s their perception on web. I was involve in taking a Mozilla session  for the rest of the students, since the school teachers had arranged a lot of students for the survey and we require only few. So, I let the rest of students know the history of Mozilla and how Mozilla came into existence and also, the power of open web. It was really fun with the students to let them know about open source.
Thus, we ran a parallel session where Laura and Gautham conducted the survey and I took a session on Mozilla.
Later, we went to the college for the survey for the non-tech IT staff. In the survey,we had a discussion with the staff related to web. What they thinks and how they use the web. Whether they feel it more comfortable using the net on desktop or on the mobile. We  had a good discussion with  the staff. Later we met the college principal and went for a lunch arrange by them.
It was really a good experience and fun loving to get actually the students and the teachers view.

Now, it was the time to meet a business owner. So we went to meet them in a hotel.
Laura started with the conversation with the business man. The owner of the business “Mr. Aamir Khan and “Iqram Khan”, let us know they are handling the power loom mills in Bhiwandi. They told us about the whole procedure and how a cloth is being made from  single yarn thread. In the discussion, we also asked them many web related questions and how they can use the web in their business.
It was fun asking and taking notes with them, since the owner of the business didn’t understand English and Laura didn’t understand Hindi language. So, I was also playing the role of a translator and in between was asking questions too. Later, the owner of the business took us to their mill and shown us how a cloth is made. It was a fantastic experience of seeing the long machines in mill and seeing the process of cloth making.

The survey was really a fun loving experience where it let us know the actual thoughts of the public.

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